Dip-n-Vat Hunting Club - Perry, Florida

The Dip-N-Vat hunting club is located in Taylor County Florida, at the end of George Page Rd. The Dip-N-Vat club is a family oriented, still hunt club. (NO Dogs)
The property consists of roughly 3000 acres of primarily pine forest. We have trees aging from recent clear cut to 25 years in age. There are scattered cypress heads and a large, thick oak hammock. Dip-N-Vat has several strategically placed box stands that are available for members to use. Members may also place three personal/private stands of their own. The club maintains corn feeders on the public stands and member are encouraged to use the facilities all year. Each member is allowed to place personal/private feeders on the property as well. Dip-N-Vat offers a campground to its members consisting of electrical hookups for each camper and a shower house with good hot water. Water is NOT provided to individual trailers. There is a skinning rack at the campground for member use, including a scale for bragging rights. Dip-N-Vat has work days scheduled throughout the year and greatly appreciates the participation of its members. Work days typically consist of public stand maintenance and assistance filling public feeders, however membership is primarily a turnkey deal. Your Membership dues cover the cost of corn, electrical and seed planted in the food plots. Not many clubs offer this. Membership runs from May 1st to May 1st. with year round access. Membership for the 2011/12 hunting season will be $1500 and there is a $500 one time application fee for new members. For information regarding the club, contact Ira Page at info@dipnvat.com

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Dip-N-Vat Hunting Club

Rules and regulations

2011/2012 Hunting Season


These rules are subject to be changed by the President to maintain order and peace on club property. All changes will be decided by the President in the best interest of the club

** To be courteous to other hunters in the area no unnecessary vehicle or foot traffic is allowed the first two hours of daylight and two hours prior to sunset. Please get to your stand in a timely manner to avoid disturbing wildlife movement.**

*** If you wound or harvest an animal you may attempt to recover your game during these hours.***

1. No hunting dogs allowed on club property. This is a still hunt club only. EXCEPTION: One (1) trail dog will be allowed trail wounded game.

2. Follow all rules and regulations, possession and bag limits given by the state of Florida.

3. NEW MEMBER Club dues will be $1000.00. New member’s dues will be $1000.00 + $500 application fee. All dues must be paid by 5/1/11. Renewing members not paid in full at this time will result in loss of membership renewal, but may apply to rejoin as new member if positions are available. Personal checks with insufficient funds will be returned to the member and loss of membership may result. Please mail check payable to:

Dip-N-Vat Hunting Club

6922 George Page Rd.

Perry, Fl. 32348

4. Your membership INCLUDES Big Buck contest participation for the designated member. Dependents or spouse may join for $20 each. Big buck winner, per Boone and Crockett green scoring will receive 100% payback of big buck contest entry funds estimated at ($300+) Eligible bucks may be harvested from club property and Spring Creek big bend WMA.

5. Doe deer are allowed to be harvested during archery season ONLY (Max of 2). Doe week is NOT recognized. This policy is originated by the land owner, Foley Land & Timber Co.. During Archery season. Doe and Legal bucks may be taken. Bucks with antlers less than 5” and button bucks shall NOT be harvested AT ANY TIME.

6. Shooting game birds over feed (bait) is a violation of Florida game laws. Due to the number of feeders on the property, bird hunting is prohibited.

7. No guest allowed first nine days of archery season, entire muzzleloader season, and first 9 days of general gun season.

8. ATV's are allowed on club property, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3 p.m., ATV's can be driven on designated roads ONLY. No off-road use unless to recover game. Do not destroy any pine timber of ANY size. Please be courteous of hunters who have their deer stands near roads. If this becomes a problem it will be addressed during hunting season.

9. When using personal or public stands, indicate on club map your location prior to hunt! Upon completing your days hunt remove your decal number from map. If a number is not removed by 9 p.m. we will assume a member is in need of assistance.

10. All members must keep club identification card in their possession and club I.D. stickers on vehicles (including ATVs) at all times.

11. Food plots may be planted with approval and assistance of all club members and maintained by owner.

12. A Member may operate as many personal game feeders as desired, however you may only designate three areas as private. See Rule#16.

13. Hogs may be harvested year round with a minimum shoulder height of 15 inches. (See Limits) EXCLUDING QUIET TIME: SEE Rule #33

14. Spouses and dependent children under the age of 18 may hunt with the member at no additional charge. Children under sixteen may not be in possession of a firearm unless under the supervision of an adult.

15. The consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on club property.

16. Deer Stands are to be placed no closer than 200 yards to another deer stand (Public or Private). A maximum of three ‘PRIVATE’ deer stands per member will be allowed. Identify all Private stands with your club decal number. You may designate a tree as YOUR personal tree, for climbing stand users, with a colored ribbon requiring your name and member number. Stands not labeled with member name/number are considered public and may be used by any member.

17. All members should respect the right of other members and shall conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner.

18. All members must have valid hunting and fishing license as required by the State of Florida.

19. Destroying or damaging timber, fences, gates and any company or personal property is prohibited.

20. No interference of work activity of lessor (logging activities) and no hunting within 2000 feet of work activity.

21. Vehicles must not be parked in such manners as to obstruct roads.

22. Reckless driving that may endanger the safety of fellow members and self is prohibited.

23. All gates must be closed and locked upon the closing of the day. It is the responsibility of ALL members who are hunting.

24. It is the responsibility of each member to notify the President at the end of the season the amount of deer harvested including points and weight. This is also including the amount of hogs and spring turkey. This is for Foley Land and Timber records.

25. All guns must be unloaded upon dark. No spotlighting allowed on club property.

26. Trailers used at campground can be brought in three weeks before archery season and must be removed three weeks after gobbler season. The company and County will charge a tax to the lease holder if not removed. ($150 / year)

27. Each member may bring a guest up to FOUR hunting days per season with a $50.00 per day charge. ($100 per weekend) Hunting guest visits are limited to a four day maximum for the whole season. NON-Hunting guests may camp for a $20/weekend fee. Friday at noon, thru Sunday evening is defined as two hunting days.

28. Members have first opportunity to hunt public box stands. Guests shall choose public stands after members.

29. Campfires are permitted in the camping area.

30. No shooting from or across Dump Grade.

31. Members MUST participate in scheduled work days. Failure to attend 50% of scheduled work days will result in a $50 fee for days missed.

All members are required to wear a minimum of 500 square inches of fluorescent orange as an outer garment during scouting, to and from stands. Scouting is to be between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. to be courteous to other members.

33. Dip-N-Vat hunting club has a Quiet time. Quiet time is from July 1st until the beginning of black powder season. During this time, NO firearms are allowed on the property, and no hunting of any forms is allowed until opening of Archery season. The Rifle range will be available for use 14 days prior to the opening of black powder to allow 2 full weekends for "sighting in" of black powder hunting equipment. NOTE: For black powder equipment ONLY. Rifles/Shotguns may be taken to the range on opening day of black powder season.

34. Please pickup your thrash and take it with you when you leave. We have no trash service. There is a public dump on Carlton Cemetery road.

35. Please bring your refreshments in cans. NO Glass bottles please.



All Limits are per membership, NOT per person.

1. Turkey – Turkey limits are per Florida state laws. Currently two in the fall, two in the spring.

2. Deer –3 Buck limit. Bucks must have a minimum of one forked antler. NO SPIKES.

3. Hogs – There is a 10 hog per year limit, hogs must be 15" at the shoulder and shall not be piggy sows.

4. The 3 Buck, 10 hog limit may be exceeded by only one (1) at a cost of $200 per animal taken. Exceedance by two (2) is grounds for dismissal.

5. Game taken by your spouse, guest or children count towards the limits of your membership.

6. Only one buck may be taken by a guest on your membership. A second deer taken by a guest will be $200.

7. Guests are not eligible for the Big Buck contest.

8. Dip-N-Vat game management will allow the harvest of 10 does per year. If ten does are not harvested during archery season, doe tags will be controlled by Ira Page and will be provided to children and women who have never taken a deer, first. (During doe week only). The goal is to provide inexperienced hunters an opportunity to take their first deer AND to meet the management criteria of 10 doe per year.

9. the harvest of ANY Spike buck, Button bucks, or a doe weighing under 50# will result in $200 fine.

NOTE: If a fine is levied, the members right to hunt is revoked until the fine is paid.

Box Stand Rules and Eligibility

In order to hunt box stands the following rules apply:

All stands will be numbered and located on map at George Page camp. Each member will use their decal number to mark a stand. First come, first serve basis. Each member will be able to place his/her number on map no earlier than 6 p.m. prior to the morning hunt. This will be for one full day's hunt. Each member will remove their number from the map at the end of the evening hunt (no later than 9p.m.). Box stands will not be able to be reserved via phone and each member will have a daily opportunity to mark a different stand for the next day.

A Membership entitles you to use of a single box stand per day. If you bring a guest, you may hunt a box stand together, or either of you may choose to hunt a personal stand.




Violating any of these by-laws will result in the following:

1. First Offense: $100 fine

2. Second Offense: $200 fine

3. Third Offense: Dismissal from the club

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