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About Southern Hunting Land:

Southern Hunting Land came into existence after several years of hit and miss searching for my own piece of hunting heaven. Although I always had a place to hunt, I was always searching for the "perfect" place to hunt!

I would search magazines and newspapers, picking them up when traveling through an area. I would search on-line for hours and hours only to be misled by a promising link. Many times those links took me to some obscure, spam filled junk site that had nothing to do with my initial search. Frustrating!

Eventually as time passed and the internet evolved, my searches started producing better results. I began to find more and more quality sites, with user-friendly and interactive content. The only problem I was having with my website searches was... despite having decent content, how I came to find those sites in the first place was still very hit and miss.

Over the years I have accumulated and bookmarked many great hunting land resources that I have found on the web. Just recently I have organized and listed them here, on this site, in a useful manner for hunters just like me.

I hope you find a valuable tool in the search for your "perfect" place to hunt.


Good Hunting,


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