50 State Map of 2014-2015 Hunting Seasons

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Deer Hunting Season By Weapon And Type of Deer 

Deer hunting season actually varies from state to state and even from county to county within the state.  So the best advice is to visit your local county or state game commission or their website to get the specific details. 

Generally though, there are hunting seasons based on the type of weapon you hunt with, which are: 

- Archery

- Muzzle Load

- Rifle 

And there are seasons based on the type of deer: 

- Whitetail Buck or Antlered

- Whitetail Doe, Antlerless or Button Buck 

Months of Deer Hunting

The months of the year and the specific dates during those months also vary from state to state and again, even from county to county within the state itself.  And it can get confusing. 

Let's take a look at Georgia for instance.  In most counties of Georgia, deer hunting season kicks off on the second Saturday of September with archery.  Archery season lasts until around the middle of October.  That's just the early season of archery.   

Muzzle loading season lasts for ten days in the middle of October and because it is a primitive type weapon, it's running at the same time as archery. 

Next, is rifle season, which runs from the end of October through January 1st in the Northern Zone and 15th in the Southern Zone. Oh yeah… the state of Georgia is divide into two separate hunting zones, North and South. You need to check and see where the county you plan on hunting is located in.

There is even an extended archery season in the North that comes back into play after the rifle season ends on the 1st of January. This season for North Georgia hunters goes from January 2nd till the last day of the month. This is a nice bonus for those chasing whitetails with a string and stick.

The bottom line is that you should check the into the hunting season dates for the state you plan to hunt before fall rolls around. As you can see by the Georgia example above, depending on the weapon you wish to use and the county you plan on hunting in… there are different dates and requirements.

Keep this page bookmarked and we will help you stay on top of the changes by refreshing these hunting season dates.